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Hellgate – Shard Skimmers Bug

Lately I’ve been running around inside Hellgate again. My gaming buddy and I have made a new character, Summoner class, and we’re both approaching level 30 now. Along the way, we’ve had some buggy quests. One of the most pain-in-the-butt … Continue reading

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Crysis Bug!

First of all, I’m actually surprised that the launch of Crysis in Singapore was such a hushed affair, what with all the hype surrounding its imminent release on 16 Nov 2007. I actually FORGOT about it until a week later, … Continue reading

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Physical Clashes

Hmm I seem to have found a sort of incompatibility between games. I have Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter loaded. This game uses the AGEIA physics engine, which required a separate install of the engine itself outside of the game. Now, … Continue reading

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