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Star Trek Online Season 4 Crossfire Released

The MMO of my dreams, Star Trek Online, has released a new expansion pack called Season 4 Crossfire. Yeah in Star Trek Online, every mission is called an “episode” and every expansion is called a “Season”, just like the TV … Continue reading

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My Current Addiction – Star Trek Online

I haven’t written in a long while eh? Fear not, I am making a comeback. Part of the reason why I have been “quiet” for almost a year, is that I have been engrossed in an MMO – Star Trek … Continue reading

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Jade Dynasty Is A Very Addictive MMORPG

As luck would have it, just when I finally get my hands on Armed Assault 2 and planned to spend time making my own combat missions to play in it, I discover a new free-to-play MMORPG, called Jade Dynasty. As … Continue reading

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