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Freespace 2-like game, Sol Exodus

First off, yes I know I haven’t been writing much … I have been stuck in various games since about July 2010 – Grand Theft Auto 4, X3 Terran Conflict, and Skyrim (yeah no posts on those). I have always … Continue reading

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Battlefield 3 Singapore style

Ok this is going to be just a short one. Like everyone else, currently I’m gripped by the Battlefield 3 fever. Like everyone else, I tried playing the single-player campaign then abandoned it and went online to multiplayer. What I … Continue reading

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Star Trek Online Season 4 Crossfire Released

The MMO of my dreams, Star Trek Online, has released a new expansion pack called Season 4 Crossfire. Yeah in Star Trek Online, every mission is called an “episode” and every expansion is called a “Season”, just like the TV … Continue reading

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