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Comparing The Mass Effect Trilogy Games

Now that the entire trilogy has been released, I have no doubt many of us must have completed at least 1 playthrough of the latest installment and gotten to the ending. In fact I did a complete playthrough – I … Continue reading

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More Funny Moments in Mass Effect 2

This is now my FIFTH run-through of Mass Effect 2. ME2 now holds the record for the most number of replays an RPG ever got from me. Basically all I’m doing is trying to do everything I didn’t do the … Continue reading

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Commander Shepard Celebrity Lookalike

OkĀ  this post is just for fun. On a whim, I ran a screenshot of my female Commander Shepard from Mass Effect 2 through the MyHeritage.com celebrity lookalike locator. The result is below: MyHeritage: Celebrity Morph – Family photos – … Continue reading

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