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Witcher 3 – First Impressions

It is VERY RARE that I buy a game “at launch” nowadays. Most times I wait for sale – Winter Sale, Summer Sale etc, where I get anywhere from 30% to 80% off some titles. Yes I have been spoilt … Continue reading

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Skyrim and NPC Clothing/Armour Bug

I’m writing this because up till now, Bethesda still has not addressed this “bug” and they have already mentioned they will not continue to patch Skyrim anymore. Thus, this bug is ‘here to stay”. This affects every NPC, follower or … Continue reading

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Comparing The Mass Effect Trilogy Games

Now that the entire trilogy has been released, I have no doubt many of us must have completed at least 1 playthrough of the latest installment and gotten to the ending. In fact I did a complete playthrough – I … Continue reading

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