Witcher 3 – First Impressions

It is VERY RARE that I buy a game “at launch” nowadays. Most times I wait for sale – Winter Sale, Summer Sale etc, where I get anywhere from 30% to 80% off some titles. Yes I have been spoilt by Steam as well as several other online shops.

As an example, even for Grand Theft Auto V, I didn’t buy it “at launch”. I still haven’t bought it, and it’s one of those that I am definitely going to get “sometime soon”, but “not at this price”.

However, for Witcher 3, I had very tempting offers. GreenManGaming had an offer that was so good, that I was able to get 30% (3% more than the 27% off offered by GMG) off the launch price. That was kind of the push I needed to get it on “Launch-Day”. So, applying all the coupons and discount codes, I pre-purchased the game.

May 19 came. Because I am on the “other side of the world”, May 19 for me is May 18th for you. So I was thinking I won’t be able to play anything until May 20th, when it is May 19 for you guys. How wrong I was! On May 18th my time, I received an email from GMG with my activation key. So I went to GOG.com (yeah the guys that do not do DRM on their games!) to activate it. Yes I can play it without Steam. I can just click on “witcher3.exe” and the game runs without any DRM checks 🙂

What can I say when I clicked the PLAY button?

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Elite Dangerous – Beta 1 Thoughts

I was just a kid when I first played “Elite”. I have fond memories of it, rushing home from school everyday, forgetting homework, and just sat myself down in front of the computer and then flying off into space.

30 years later, the same creator that made “Elite”, gives us “Elite Dangerous“. At the core, it’s still the 1984 game Elite, but updated with modern graphics and multiplayer capability.

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Euro Truck Simulator 2

In a short sentence – this is an unexpectedly addictive game!

First time when I saw this being released on Steam, I thought “Huh? What kind of simulator is this? How could driving a truck be fun?”. I didn’t give it a second look actually.

It wasn’t until a friend kept telling to to try it that I downloaded the demo, and I was hooked almost immediately.

On the surface, it looks boring. On the surface, you can play it casually. Just pop in for a quick delivery between games or TV.

However, once you add mods to it, it becomes awesome! Realistic economy, physics, better looking paintjobs etc… all are there and moddable. In fact, there’s a couple of mods that extend the game by adding new roads and cities to the map! And these modded maps work the same way as vanilla ones – you can buy garages, hire and deploy truck drivers to go on jobs, discover unknown truck dealers and/or job agencies etc.

The base game only has unlocks up to level 30. Meaning, you get every item available for your trucks once you hit level 30. However, there is no “level cap”. Other people have claimed they are level 70, 100 etc in forums. Personally I can only verify that after level 30, I still can continue earning XPs for delivery jobs. However my skills are all maxed out except 1 skill, and in 6 more levels I would max that one out too. So we’ll see what happens at level 36 🙂

The demo can be downloaded here


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