More Funny Moments in Mass Effect 2

This is now my FIFTH run-through of Mass Effect 2. ME2 now holds the record for the most number of replays an RPG ever got from me. Basically all I’m doing is trying to do everything I didn’t do the first 4 times around.

The amazing thing is that I keep discovering small bits and pieces of funny things I never saw the first 4 times. The video below is a compilation of the majority of the funny bits:

Joker flirts with EDI:

However, this video below is my all-time favourite moment in Mass Effect 2:

I am guessing this will be my last playthrough for Mass Effect 2, before putting all my Shepards on the shelf (or on my harddisk) and waiting patiently for Mass Effect 3. I’ve done almost everything different among all the 5 Shepards – from completely evil to completely good, and variations in-between. I’ve also blown up the enemy base, and kept it. I have done little things a bit different between the 5 playthroughs. I would like to see how each different thing I did now would impact the outcome in Mass Effect 3.

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