Battlefield 3 Singapore style

Ok this is going to be just a short one.

Like everyone else, currently I’m gripped by the Battlefield 3 fever. Like everyone else, I tried playing the single-player campaign then abandoned it and went online to multiplayer.

What I can say is – it’s bloody fun!

Oh yes I get shot up more times than I kill someone, but it’s still FUN!

The majority of the players online in those servers I managed to get online to, seem to be just casual players, kinda like me. It’s ok to lose a round. It’s ok to be dead. The important thing is we just run around and shoot people. It should make you feel sad though, because Singapore males are SUPPOSED to have served in the army (SAF), or are currently serving. The way they play and rush forward is…. reckless. People just run into a hail of bullets. People just hop into a tank and take off, without waiting for a gunner to climb on board. People just hop into an F18 and take off and shoot everything that is marked “enemy”.

Definitely not how a real army works.

But, it’s still fun as heck!

Of course there are some who attempt to rally and organise the attacking or defending force… but more often than not these guys are either ignored, or they get snotty remarks like “Chill, it’s only a game”. Kinda makes you disheartened when you see remarks like that when someone tries to organise and rally an attack.

Anyway before I leave, here’s a video of the Single Player campaign mission – the first one. All settings are maxxed out (ie ULTRA).

See you online!


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  • Ahh yeah, I love BF3!  I probably won’t get around to the single player until I am back at school and my internet sucks therefore I cannot play online.  But it does kind of suck that rallying for an attack gets that response.  It is a game of objectives unless its TDM afterall!