Hellgate – Shard Skimmers Bug

Lately I’ve been running around inside Hellgate again. My gaming buddy and I have made a new character, Summoner class, and we’re both approaching level 30 now.

Along the way, we’ve had some buggy quests. One of the most pain-in-the-butt ones was the “Kill 14 Shard Skimmers” in Threadneedle (and another earlier zone, I forgot). The problem seems to happen only with Summoners and Engineers, and perhaps Guardians and Blademasters (if what they say is correct).

The thing about Shard Skimmers is that they’d run up to you, kamakaze style, and ram into you. Once they do that, and you kill them, the kills don’t count. You have to kill them before they even come near you to ram (or “plant a phase bomb” as what the guys said over the global chat) you.

With this in mind, I tried the quest again. This time I only summoned my ranged pets and left the melee ones unsummoned. That means my warper, fire elementals, toxic elemental and storm elementals were summoned. The earth elemental and the spectral ones were not.

This time around it was easier to get the Shard Skimmer kills to count, although I still did have some slight problems with it.

So it appears that if you’re a melee char, or a summoner with melee pets, you need to keep them away from the Shard Skimmers, and to kill the skimmers really quick and at range, to make the kills count

In other news, I have managed to obtain Alpha Prime, a game which I learnt about on the Xfire forums. It’s so strange that I have not seen it on Gamespot or any other game sites. It’s a sci-fi FPS game, and from first looks, it looks great. I have been warned that the gameplay and story might get a little cheesy later on, but so far, I’m only at the beginning stage, and have only gotten a shotgun and a pistol in my arsenal.

Here’s a couple of screenshots from it:

Looks pretty nice eh? Yeah even on my 4 year old rig, the game auto-detected settings at HIGH and set the resolution to 1024×768.

I’m looking forward to completing this and see if this is as scary as Doom 3 or Quake 4.

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