TP Runs On Entropia

As usual I was hanging around “The Swamp” outpost trying to make friends as well as getting some sweat to sell.

Then I see over the broadcast – “Free TP Runs to nearby TP! All are welcome”.

In MMO-speak, a “TP” is a “Teleport”. On the world of Entropia, they have these “Teleporters” in their cities and outposts. If you have the teleporter active on your map, you can step into one at your current location and select your destination and you appear at your destination. Yeah kinda like “beam me up Scotty” on Star Trek. However, to teleport to a city or outpost, you first must visit it on foot to “activate” it on your map. So, the offer of a free TP run was hard to pass up.

The above are some pics I took along the way. The group was pretty fun, and the high-levels that brought us along on the TP Run were very friendly – Phunk and Red Sonia. Man, they can kill mobs in like 5 hits with their weapons. Me, I need to shoot like 10 to 15 times before even a tiny daibika at The Swamp outpost dies.

The side-effect of running with them is that I sometimes manage to get loot off dead mobs, and the amount was pretty reasonable for my pathetically small amounts of damage contributed 🙂 Speaking of which, Entropia has a few different looting system in a team. I believe they set the looting system to the most amicable of all – loot distribution by the amount of damage dealt to the mob. If you caused more damage, you get more of the loot. I have no problems with this kind of looting system. It’s only fair I get loot based on my contribution to the kill.

The run started about 4am Singapore time. We visited a few cities and outposts, like Billy’s Spacesport (I already had that one), Twin Peaks and a few others in between. By time we arrived at Twin Peaks it was 6am here, and I really had to go.

It was a fun event for me 🙂

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