Sweating It On Entropia

As you may recall, my character was zapped to the other hostile continent the other time, due to a system glitch and some stupidity on my part. I had lost connection to the servers, and tried to relogin. The client says it was unable to contact the servers and asked if I wanted to try “another” server, so naturally I clicked yes.

When the game loaded, I was dumped onto the hostile continent with huge monsters that kill me in 1 hit.

I had to open a support ticket to ask for help in getting back to Port Atlantis… sigh!

In any case, they relocated me back to Port Atlantis, and today I spent some time back in Entropia again. I hung around “The Swamp”, a small outpost near The Stables, somewhat North of Port Atlantis. The primary activity around this area is “Sweat Gathering”. The animals of Entropia seem to excrete sweat which is a component in many of the player crafting items. As such, although you can’t “sell” sweat to the merchants in Entropia, you can sell them to other players who need sweat to make their items.

As I mentioned before, people now are much friendlier than I remembered back in 2004. The girl in the screenshot above, Skye, was very helpful there and gave out something called “Focus”, which was a spell to increase your concentration. This is very helpful when you’re gathering sweat and the animals attack you. You don’t lose concentration and your spell continues to work, gathering the sweat while they attack you.

Of course, there comes a point where you need to run to safety, ie back at the outpost. This is where you can get healed for free (by other players) and generally chit-chat with other players. I found that very few people from Asia play Entropia, so I guess I’m going to have to wake up in the middle of the night again if I ever join a “society” (aka guilds) and they decide to go on a hunt (aka raid).

In any case, today’s session was pretty enjoyable, although I did die once. I also bought some Goblin armour for the thighs too, for 2 Peds 50 Pecs. Not too shabby I’d say. Definitely cheaper than bidding at the auctioneer’s for sure!

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