Meanwhile, Back In Hellgate….

Yup, the past couple of days I have been back in London, fragging demons. This is due to a cople of reasons.

My fragging buddy is on vacation, so I’m playing another character and catching up to where I left the Single Player off. I gave up on Single Player due to the massive lag in some zones, isn’t there on Multiplayer (which is weird, isn’t it?)

Secondly, somehow my character in Entropia got stranded on a hostile and HIGH-LEVEL area and I can’t make it back to safety alone. I lost connection to the servers in the noob city of Port Atlantis, and I tried to reconnect. However, the client tells me it was unable to contact the server, and asked me if I wanted to try another server. I said YES and it dumped me on the other continent which is infested by huge Atroxes which kill me in 2 hits. The closest Teleporter to bring me back to the mainland is like a few hundred kilometres away, no way I can run through hostile Atroxes and reach the teleporters!

So, I opened a support ticket. So far, haven’t heard back from them.

In any case, this thing that happened to me might be a blessing in disguise though. Maybe it’s telling me to give up Entropia again, and play Tabula Rasa (which I have yet to buy).

So yeah, my “alt” in Hellgate is a Summoner. I created him a couple of days after I created my Marksman, which was to be played with my drinking/gaming buddy. Since my buddy’s outta town on vacation, I’m playing my Summoner.

Right now, my Summoner has overtaken my Marksman (my “main”) in levels – Marksman is lvl 16, Summoner is now lvl 21. My Summoner is also filthy rich too, last count about 70,000 Palladiums on him.

I think tonight I might actually catch up to the same place I left off in the story back in the Single Player. From here on out, I will have to read every quest dialog box carefully, because things are going to be new to me now.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll be back on my lowbie Marksman with my gaming buddy. He should be back by then.

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