Crysis Bug!

First of all, I’m actually surprised that the launch of Crysis in Singapore was such a hushed affair, what with all the hype surrounding its imminent release on 16 Nov 2007. I actually FORGOT about it until a week later, on 23rd Nov, when I happened to visit my regular game shop and saw it there.

So, I went home, loaded it up and started to go through the game. I tried setting the graphic options to MEDIUM (the game autodetected my configs as “LOW”) and yeah, it starts to lag pretty bad. I turned everything back to LOW and just bumped the resolution up from 800×600 (autodetect) to 1024×768. I mean seriously, the jaggy edges are horrible at 800×600… at least at 1024×768 I’m slightly more forgiving.

The first “level” is the same as in the demo – you freefalling onto a Korean island and then you catch a glimpse of the alien. So, I’ll skip ahead to the 2nd mission.

This is where the alien has captured another of your colleagues and killed him, and now you and Psycho have to go rescue a hostage held in a school.

This is where the bug is – After I had totally CLEANED out the school compound, the hostage and Psycho disappeared! I couldn’t find them anywhere, and my map didn’t update with a new objective.

Fine, I reloaded a savegame somewhere in the middle of the mission. I cleaned out the school compound again, but this time, Psycho and the hostage wouldn’t budge from the room they were in. I threw a few grenades into the room, Psycho ran around a little inside the room, but never left (incidentally, the hostage is invulnerable… the frag grenade didn’t even faze her).

So, giving up, I selected “RESTART LEVEL” from the main menu. This time, as I was in the process of approaching the school compound, Psycho finally said he’s coming in after me. Then, during the process of sneaking to the school building, Psycho said he’s right behind me.

I never got these 2 messages the first time!

So, now, I cleared the tanks, and right on cue, Psycho chirped – “Let’s get outta here!” and started to run.

Ok I dunno what the difference was between my first run and my 2nd run through this level, but now it’s not “stuck” anymore and I have a new quest objective in my map.

Just thought you guys would like to know if you encountered something similar….

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