Sneaking Around The Temple

Ok I didn’t try to clear the “Closer To The Stars” quest last night on my Necro. Instead, I went ahead and tried to advance the story on my Assassin character. I went ahead and did the run from Senji’s Corner, through the 2 new zones (I forget the names now), into the Temple zone. The Temple is marked as an “outpost”, so that is where I can adjust my attributes again if I need to.

It must be that I got used to being a Ranger on my Assassin the first day, because yesterday when I was playing my Assassin, as an Assassin, I didn’t die all that much. In fact, we took on the mobs without much problems, and nary had a group wipe. It was because of this that I managed to complete the run through the 2 new zones (to me) and enter the Temple zone. It was also because of this that I encountered and completed 2 new quests found in these zones. I am sure there are more quests to be found, but at this moment my concern is to make it past the mobs and into the Temple.

I sort of “tested” the quest at the temple. On the surface it looks doable, although with a time limit of 10 minutes. Each time you kill a “boss” and release the spirit (the aim of the quest), you add like 3 minutes to the clock. So you can more or less consistently stay at 10 mins if you are methodical enough. However, due to not knowing the layout and the tricks of this quest (much akin to the Closer To The Stars), we had a party wipe about 40% of the way into the quest.

Tonight I am going to try this again, this time more methodical. I hope I don’t have to revert back to being a Ranger to beat this one.

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