I am Weh No Su!

HAH! After numerous attempts, and finally figuring out the “trick” to the quest, I am finally “Closer To The Stars!”.

This is one PITA (Pain-In-The-A**) quest. As posted in my previous entry, I finally figured out that I needed 2 healers (henchmen healers, that is). If you’re a melee char, the henchmen will run with you towards the bulk of the enemies. Since the red dots respond to YOUR “danger zone”, you will be triggering every red dot in your zone to be hostile to both you, and your henchmen. I figured out that with henchmen (since you can’t tell them what to do), you need to be a ranged attacker instead of a melee one, in order to keep the henchmen back and if you’re back there with them, your “danger zone” won’t be triggering on any of the red dots in the big mess up ahead.

Last night’s attempt was done with my Assassin. Good thing I picked his secondary as a Ranger – a ranged attacker. I had decided to pick a ranger to complement his close-quarters skills as an Assassin back when I first started this character. I was thinking back then that I would want to be able to attack at range sometimes. For this quest, I literally had to turn him from an Assassin into a full-fledged Ranger. I removed all his attribute points from all his Assassin skills, and put them all into his Ranger skills. He was literally transformed. It would have been funny if I had been playing this with a party of real humans, where they would probably be confused to see an Assassin using Ranger skills only, throughout the whole quest.

The outpost we arrived at after the quest is completed is Senji’s Corner. Amazingly (to me at least) there’s an NPC called a “Secondary Profession Changer”. I am amazed because this would be yet another no-no in other MMOs… but they have it here in Guild Wars. In other MMOs. once you picked your secondary, you live with it. Again, this is probably to fortify their motto that “you won’t be stuck with a gimped char in Guild Wars!”. Yup, since you can freely change your attributes (like I did with my Assassin), you can change your secondary class too (although at 500 gold a pop it’s pretty expensive).

I tried to proceed with the main quest at this point but either I got used to playing a ranger, or I didn’t put my attribute points back to the way it was, or the mobs suddenly got more powerful, or something. I suddenly faced a party wipe with just ONE group of mobs. I tried going another way, and got wiped again by ONE group of lvl 20 mobs (no nameds, no bosses). After a few tries I kinda gave up and decided to call it quits for the night.

Tonight I’m going to do this quest again with the Necro. Let’s see if he handles the situation better than the Assassin in Senji’s Corner.

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