The Necro Did It!

Yes indeed, the Necro did it! I took 2 healers and 2 Elementalists (nukers) in the all-henchmen party. Somehow, this time it seemed so much easier and the necro didn’t even die once throughout the whole mission. In fact, we kind of breezed through it, although I should have stopped and killed all other red dots that weren’t in the way as well. That could probably have gotten me a higher scoring than just “Standard”.

After he finished the mission and ended up in Senji’s Corner, I decided to end the night there for the Necro. He had a few good items in his inventory, 2 of which were good bow-related items. I decided to put them into Storage so my Ranger can get them. For the rest of the night I logged onto my Ranger, grabbed the bow items and tried to do the Unwelcome Guest quest.

Unfortunately my PC decided to throw a fit and crashed out halfway through the mission. It was then that I decided to call it quits for the night.

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