GRAW2 – The Last Stand

“The Last Stand” had always been a popular search term to land visitors on my site. I am only guessing that many people are having problems surviving the first parts of this mission to proceed further.

Yup, in just a few short days, here I am again, at the last mission in GRAW2 – The Last Stand. The last time I was here, back in October 2007, I had so much trouble with this mission. I kept getting picked off, killed etc etc.

This time around, I came more prepared – now I picked a sniper rifle instead of an M8 Carbine (like I did back when I did this the first time around in October). Still, I lost Ramirez right from the get-go (a la Blackhawk Down). Ramirez was picked off as he decended from the helicopter right at the start of the mission.

If you look at the video of what I did this time around, you would notice I ordered my guys to go into Recon Mode instead of assault. This makes them stop firing (and giving their position away), and thus the bad guys don’t fire back from their machine gun posts.

So after I got my remaining guys to hide behind a bus and stay put, I just went around slowly picking off the bad guys with the sniper rifle.

After this, the rest of the mission was relatively easy. The only “hard” part after the initial bit is the “Defend the Border” thing, but once you order your guys to man the machine gun posts, it should be easy and straightforward.

So there you have it – clips showing you how I cleared the last mission this time around. Remember, I lost Ramirez right from the start, and I could still finish it. The last mission isn’t so hard – it’s just the beginning bit where you get picked off and pinned down that sucked.

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