More On GRAW2 AI

Back in November 2007, I wrote about how bad the AI in GRAW2 was.

After my recent reformat, I reinstalled GRAW and finished playing through it again. Now, I’m reworking my way through GRAW2. This time around, I installed the latest patch, v1.05. Back in November I was still playing with patch v1.03.

I must say the AI is much better this time around. More pro-active, much like how GRAW is. Now, they tell me “Contact!” and they fire back. They don’t need to be fired upon to shoot back this time. However, Hume, my sniper, sucks. I wish I had Allen back with me. He’s THE marksman. Far as I knew, Allen never missed. Every single time in GRAW1 where he saw a sniper or an enemy, he’d kill the guy with his first shot.

Hume, in GRAW2, sucks ass. Usually takes 2 shots to take an enemy out.

Right now I’m up to mission 4 or so. Just after entering Juarez I believe. I just finish the mission where we were supposed to take out the rebel base which is holed up at a supermarket. This mission was a framerate killer – it plummeted from mid 20s to between 5 and 7. As you can imagine, when mortar shells are falling, when Apaches are striking the enemy armour, and explosions going off all around me, the whole scene started to jerk like in a slideshow. It doesn’t help that I’m playing this on a 5 year old rig too 🙂

Anyway, seeing as how much better GRAW2 is this time around, I’m starting to have hopes of being able to finally complete the final mission – The Last Stand. It’ll be coming pretty soon if I continue this good performance. In fact, I got a “Perfect Mission” score where I was supposed to infiltrate a quarry and take out some artillery pieces (mission 2 if I remember right). I was the one holding the sniper rifle and the rest of my guys were on assault weapons. Basically I just sent them in first, to peek around corners and to clear the path for me.

Ah well, since I’m sick and the meds still knock me out, I can’t play too much. But, I’m happy now that the AI is so much better.

More on GRAW2 later! Maybe I’ll do more video captures and show ’em to you guys.

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