The Crysis Is Over!

I’ve been quiet on this blog for a couple of days for one very simple reason – I was busy finishing up Crysis.

Late last year, I slowly drifted off playing Crysis due to many things. One thing I remembered when I was reformatting my PC earlier this year was – I will get back to it again, and thus I should keep my saves.

The thing about continuing from an old savegame a few months old is this – you tend to forget where you were, and what you did, and in some cases, what the heck the controls for the game were! This was true for Crysis. When I got back into it again last week, I truly forgot everything. I was even thinking whether I should start it all over again.

Then I decided to just stick it out and see if can remember. I’m glad I did.

Crysis is one very demanding game, seriously. During the last battle, against the giant boss monster, framerates slowed to a crawl, in fact. It was so slow, at some points in the game, I thought the game hung, because the screen would remain frozen, no sounds came, and it stayed like that for a good 15 to 20 seconds.

I was literally pressing a key, letting go, and seeing if it moved the screen 5 seconds later. Then I’d press another key, and see if the screen moved. The last final frantic fight turned out to be like Six Million Dollar Man – everything in slow motion. Press, wait, press, wait etc.

This problem is compounded by the fact that on my PC, Crysis seem to like to crash to desktop – a LOT. It can even crash as soon as I load up a savegame. Or, it can crash 10 seconds after I loaded a savegame up and trying to shoot/run.

The constant restarting of the game (not reloading saves mind you!) was really frustrating.

And, I had EVERYTHING on LOW! I even lowered the resolution down to 800×600, which was the lowest the game supported! Yeah, don’t try to play Crysis on a 5 yr old rig….

Well, sorry no videos this time around. Frame rates were so low, if I turned on video capture, it’d go into negative… 🙂

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