Call Of Duty 4 Completed! Now, To Save London…

Today I’m awake for longer amount of time. My meds are gone, I’ve completed the entire course, and yeah I do feel better.

So, what better way to spend the time than to see about completing COD4?

I loaded up the savegame where I had left off, in the middle of the missile silo, 10 mins left to save the world, and I’m stuck right in the middle of a heavy firefight. After dying a couple of times (I’m really glad it’s just a game), I finally broke through the defenses and entered the command centre, and saved the world.

Next mission – escape! I had to high-tail it out of the missile complex, to go after the bad guy. On the way, I had enemy trucks and helicopters chasing me and I had to shoot at them. And then, THE END!


Ok, I won’t give away the ending, but it was a disappointment to me. It’s a very short game, somewhere around 6 to 9 hours of play time (Xfire says I played it only for FIVE hours). 5 hours!! How could you go through a whole game in 5 hours?! Even Half Life 2, which I thought was short, had me playing like 30 hours (well 29 hours, according to Xfire) to complete it.

No, I didn’t “get better”. The game is really short. Considering that I paid over 50 bucks for it, it hardly seems worth the money. Oh yeah there’s multiplayer and all that, but hey, I bought the game not because of the multiplayer. Games I buy due to multiplayer are stuff like Battlefield and Battlefield 2142 – those I’d bought knowing full well I’m only going to play multiplayer on them.

Disappointment aside, since I’d completed COD4, I’ll uninstall it soon since I seriously doubt I’ll get hooked by the multiplayer. Back to saving London from the Hellgate….

Speaking of which, Patch 0 is supposed to be released, but I have been unable to get it. The official website, ie requires an account to download it. I can’t create an account because part of the sign-up process requires my CD-Key, and it does not recognise my CD-key as “valid (?!). There’s no “contact us” link to send an email off to, for help, and clicking on “Support” tells me I need to log in first. Well, I can’t bloody log in because it won’t recognise my CD-Key as valid, hence I can’t register an account!! *fume*

Seriously, they need to think about situations like this – no valid CD-Key = no account? Nice way to build your customer base, dudes.

However, the other website that is stated in the manual,, *does* recognise my CD-Key as valid and I managed to create an account on it, and it’s also where I play multiplayer Hellgate on too. The patch is however, nowhere to be seen on

So, where else can I get patches?

Bittorrent. One can find almost anything on bittorrent, as I’m sure you know. I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes the next time…

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