Sex In Dragon Age Origins

Video games have indeed come a long way since the early days of Pong. With today’s gaming graphics card having more power than CGI workstations 5 years ago (and also DirectX10 and 11), characters are now looking more and more real.

Of course it is inevitable the natural animal (and human) instincts start to rear their heads in games – sex.

The interesting part of it all is, well aside from the sex itself, is that the games depict what the current worldwide social dynamics are. Back in the 70s for example, the world “gay” meant “happy”. Well it still does mean “happy” today but a new slang has been attached to it – male homosexual activities. Similarly, Dragon Age reflects this in the way it handles sex between the player and the characters. Dragon Age allows straight sex, meaning male and female, gay and lesbian sex, to occur.

Dragon Age Origins is already rated M18, so… you know what to do – if you’re under 18, you aren’t supposed to be here 🙂

First off, the normal straight sex – male and female.

This can happen if the player is a male character goes for Morrigan or Leliana. If the player is a female character, then this occurs when you go for Alistair or Zevran. Sadly, Sten is too stoic for sex, and Wynne is too old, I guess. No, you can’t have sex with the dog, you pervert!

Lesbian Sex

This happens if the player is a female character and goes for Leliana. Never managed to get the sex scene to trigger with Morrigan though.

Gay Sex

This happens when the player is a male character and gets Zevran interested enough.

Interestingly, if you have missed it, it seems Zevran and Leliana are both bisexual. You can trigger sex scenes with them regardless of your character’s gender. Also, in The Pearl in Denerim, when talking to Isabella the ship Captain, you can trigger a suggestion of an orgy. If you have Zevran and Leliana in party, and you suggest to get to know the captain in private, Zevran and Leliana will “volunteer” to come along.

There’s one more sex scene towards the end – sex with Morrigan. It takes place with the player if it is a male character, Alistair if not, and if Alistair already left your camp due to a decision you made, Loghain (yes the traitorous bastard that tried to kill you countless times).

The point is, games reflect current conditions. Today, it appears we accept that same-gender sexual activities are tolerated, even if they might be frowned upon. Personally though, I don’t care what my friends’ sexual orientations are… as long as they know I am STRAIGHT and they don’t try to be funny and try same-gender sexual moves on me.

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