Fallout 3 – The Brass Lantern?

Seen in Fallout 3, at Megaton:

Doesn't really seem to say so...

If you look at the pic, I don’t really see how the Chinese words 明家快 translate into “The Brass Lantern”… Maybe people after the apocalypse have no clue what the Chinese words really meant… hmmm

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  • That's interesting. 🙂 Fallout 3 is getting great reviews and makes me want to get one right now. *sigh*

    • Well just bear in mind the game is still buggy as heck. I keep crashing in Springvale for no apparent reason, and I got out right after talking to the girl that Moriarty wanted me to extort money from… if I hung around her home, the game kept crashing every couple of steps I took in there…

  • Istari

    The fourth character should be “can”, for Kuaican, so the sign means 'Megaton Fast Food”. Mingjia is a sinification for Megaton.

    • Heh that's what I am saying…. I don't see how it's translated into “The Brass Lantern” 🙂