TES4 – Corrupt Watchman Captain

Eversince I got this new PC I have been installing all my older games back into the PC and just having a go at them and trying to see if there are any visual improvements. One of these is Oblivion.

Starting a new character, I just ran around and played the game “normally”. Oblivion is smoother, and graphics details are higher as compared to the older PC (of course). I am constantly amazed at how my new, budget PC, is outperforming my older “top of the line” one. Oblivion auto-detected my settings as “high” as compared to the older PC, where it was generally “Medium”. This time on this new PC, I even turned up some of the graphics detail just to see how far I can go without bogging the PC down. Yes, I could turn up plenty of the details.

In all my previous playthroughs of Oblivion, I did complete the “Corrupt Watchmen” quest while in the market district in the Imperial City. However, this time around, I was physically around to see the actual arrest in action. I made a video capture of it here.

It does seem that the Radiant AI is pretty good in Oblivion after all, even after a couple of years (Oblivion was released in 2006 if I remembered right).

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