I’m Back In There Again!

Strange as it may seem, I have started spending time in There again.

I thought I had already gotten There out of my system back in 2004, when I quit it to go to City Of Heroes. However, lately I have just been toying with the idea of going back. And, I did (as my Xfire banner can attest to).

Now, I am not “addicted” like I was back in 2004. Yes I have been to Second Life, I checked it out, I even met an old gaming buddy there in 2nd Life. However I don’t seem to like 2nd Life much. I don’t know why. I have checked it out before in 2004. I checked it out again in 2007. I still don’t like it.

Another buddy of mine, my regular drinking buddy, got me into IMVU last year. Same thing – didn’t like it much, plus, it’s like a “lite” version of There and 2nd Life. No “world” to explore. Just “scenes”. Anybody in the group chat can just change scenes at whim. It really interrupts the conversation.

Anyway I still do hang out in IMVU, if only for the friends I’ve made in there. Recently IMVU introduce “groups” too, and it was great. However, as the old adage goes – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

They went ahead and “fixed” it. It wasn’t broken.

Now it is.


I need to get back to GRAW….

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