It came as a surprise to me actually.

I was still playing around on GRAW2 recently, then decided I should go back to GRAW1 and re-play some missions. When GRAW1 loaded up, these are the things I noticed almost immediately:

  1. Framerates were smoother (needless to say)
  2. The Tactical map sucked
  3. GRAW1 AI rocks!

No, seriously. GRAW1 AI rocks in comparison to GRAW2’s. For example, when I put the whole team on “Follow” mode, in GRAW2, at the most, what they’ll do when they spot an enemy is whisper into the comms “enemy sniper”.

What happens in GRAW1 is completely different – they tell you “Enemy sniper” and they FIRE BACK!

In GRAW2 I have to conciously “put them in harm’s way” before they’ll open fire on the enemy. In GRAW1, as soon as they spot an enemy they’ll take him out.

I just wish that they had transplanted the GRAW1 AI over to GRAW2.. then at least I’ll still have a chance in the last mission. Yeah yeah I’m still stuck at The Last Stand mission in GRAW2… pinned down by enemy fire, snipers everywhere… and, lots of reloads because the snipers keep picking me off.

In GRAW1, I remember I was on a street, walking.. my Ghosts were on “Follow” mode. They spotted an enemy sniper on the rooftop. They said “Enemy sniper” and I heard a couple of shots go off behind me… next thing I knew, they said “Got ‘im”. I never even saw where the sniper was, and they had already taken him out! Now THESE are the kinda buddies I’d go to into battle with. They watch my back.

As for the tactical map, well… I really came to appreciate the improvements they did to the map in GRAW2 when I saw the GRAW1 map. Less options, less everything. But I guess the great AI made up for it. I think the designers wanted GRAW2 to be a more “micro-managing” game.

Anyway, enough chatter… time to get back to the fight!

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