I finally managed to get some game time in last night. Instead of heading straight for Bioshock, I decided to just run around inside Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 for abit. Then I remembered that I haven’t really uploaded anything to Youtube in awhile, so I ran up FRAPS and did a game session capture.

So, here’s the game session, slightly edited to fit Youtube’s *#@(*&* under 10 minutes rule.

The game session itself was brief – under 45 mins including loading times, briefing screens, and weapon loadouts. Actually I’m mildly surprised at this run myself. Not a single fatality, and my AI companions actually know how to shoot!

Anyway, conversion from the RAW capture as well as uploading to Youtube took about 2 hours, thanks to Starhub’s pathetic upload speed (256K upload on a 6MB downlink). Starhub needs to increase this so that people like me who aren’t compulsive pirates that makes bootleg copies of everything can actually UPLOAD something!

Well, since I had to wait an eternity while the video gets uploaded to Youtube, I decided to fire up the IMVU client. What’s IMVU? Imagine MSN or Yahoo messenger. You got buddies right? You chat right? Ok now, you imagine doing this with a 3D avatar in a 3D-ish world. When you talk, speech balloons float above your head like in comic strips. If interested, feel free to check IMVU out.

Anyway, as I was saying, I went into IMVU and happened to run into some friends. We yakked. I had time to kill anyway, since I’m waiting for the video to upload to Youtube. So one of them decided to have a “photoshoot”. The whole group literally had to “freeze” their poses for about 2 hours for the “photographer” to take snapshots of us all in various poses.

So, eventually, video got uploaded, and I was “persuaded” to remain in IMVU for much longer than I had intended heh!

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