Starting Over In Oblivion

Ah well… my Oblivion savegame for my main character is very likely to be corrupted, so I have started over with a new character.

This time around I’m playing a stealth-based character, so it’s slightly harder actually. No longer can I just stand my ground and take the incoming hits, and then just slash away at them. Now I have to move – run, dodge, backpedal etc… and it’s really taking a toll on the Fatigue!

Somehow I just can’t seem to play a more “balanced” character, ie one that uses more magic to balance out my melee attacks. I have even made a mage character too, but I left him at level 1 just inside the market district since 2006 😀

Perhaps I might stop my current character – after all he’s only level 15, not too far into the story to abandon now. I’ll see about reviving my mage guy, and see where he’s actually at (in terms of quests). I bet it’s gonna be damn hard though, cos I’m very used to pulling out my blades and slashing with ’em.

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