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Commander Shepard Celebrity Lookalike

OkĀ  this post is just for fun. On a whim, I ran a screenshot of my female Commander Shepard from Mass Effect 2 through the MyHeritage.com celebrity lookalike locator. The result is below: MyHeritage: Celebrity Morph – Family photos – … Continue reading

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Light-hearted Moments in Mass Effect 2

Ok I’ve just completed one run-through of Mass Effect 2. When I imported another ME1 character, I was amazed at all the bonuses the second guy got! 55k of palladium, platinum, element zero, and iridium! Man, you can upgrade half … Continue reading

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Mass Effect 2 Impressions

Image by rwcandeer via Flickr If you have never played Mass Effect before, you should. It’s one of the rare games I actually ran through multiple times – maybe 4 or 5 times, each time trying a different path. And … Continue reading

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