Testing My New ATI 4650 On COD4

To recap, eversince I got my new ATI HD 4650, I have been re-playing old games just to get a “feel” of how much things might have improved.

One of these is Call Of Duty 4. Previously on my old rig, the P4 3.0Ghz Hyperthreading (single core), I get respectable framerates (about 20+ FPS) with “medium” settings. Resolution was at 1024×768, and certain graphic details were turned off (notably Anti-aliasing). When I got my new (current) rig, with the integrated ATI HD3200, performance was better. A few more graphic details were turned on, some were set to medium. Framerates were about the same, ie 20 odd.

With the new card, it auto-detected everything at High and whatever that was off, was turned on. Anti-aliasing was set to 4x. However, resolution was still at 1024×768. I manually turned the resolution up to 1280×1024, the maximum that my monitor can run on.

With FRAPS running to measure framerates, I started COD4. To my jaw-dropping amazement, COD4 clocked an average of 45 FPS! Even with FRAPS capturing video, it never went under 30 FPS, but hovering around mid to high 30’s.

Ok, yes I know I am pretty bad at COD4 after all these time. In fact I think I should re-play it again, because this Nikolai mission made me realise I forgot alot of the story (and hence, enemy placements and locations) to justify another run-through.

The next entry, I’ll probably bring you a video of the new Stalker game. I had a pretty rough time running it on the integrated HD3200 chip – many parts of the game were stuttering and jerky, and I estimate framerates to be about 5 to 10 in some places.

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  • Chris

    I'm wavering between buying this 4650 card or paying twice as much for the 4850, for twice the price. I'm thinking the best value would be the 4650. Especially considering I'm taking the leap from the 1600XT. Hah. Almost embarrassed to admit that 🙂

    • Heh why not, since the 4650 is almost like a “value” card now.. for the amount of money, you really get a LOT for it. Note that I haven't even mucked around with overclocking the thing yet – it's still at the default factory setting of 600/400Mhz for GPU and Memory…

    • Graphics

      Get the 4850, it's only $120ish now which is a bargain. It is SIGNIFICANTLY better than the 4650.

      4870 > 4850 > 4830 > 3870 > 3850 > 4670 > 4650 > etc

      You can play Crysis on high at 1280×1024 with the ATI4850, and get about 50fps average. With the 4650, you'll get maybe 10 fps average.

      • $120 in which currency? If it's US$, it's too expensive for me. I'm on a very TIGHT budget.

        Besides, I just bought this card. There is no way I am buying another card just becos it's “better” less than a year of getting this one.

  • Graphics

    yeh…a 4830 gets about 60fps on average at your resolution and gfx settings, and a 4850 gets 80-90 average. A 4870 gets over 100 fps on average.

    You could've also bought a 4670, only $10 more than a 4650 but 30-40% better performance.

  • I'd be lost without ATI 4650. I use ATI 4650 often. I'd be lost without ATI 4650.