Stealth In Far Cry 2 Is Non-Existent

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Recently I thought I will be stuck playing Fallout 3 till December. However, as fate would have it, Fallout 3 started crashing on me and I could not move anywhere outside of Megaton. If I loaded a savefile from prior to entering the town, I crash at random places in the Wasteland.

Thus this makes playing Fallout 3 a chore. When a game becomes a chore, I stop playing it. I’ll get back to it once a few patches come out to address the problems.

So I turned back to Far Cry 2, which I had installed a few days before Fallout 3. Unkowingly, Far Cry 2 is pretty addictive. I had the same “just 1 more mission” feeling when I am playing it, and don’t feel like stopping even if it’s 3am and I need to get up for work the next day.

One thing I don’t like about Far Cry 2 though – the “stealth” part of the game is almost non-existent. Check out the video below:

I went around behind the rocketeer, used a machete (or in local slang, a “parang”), and cut the guy down from behind. By all accounts, it was a silent take-down. Yet, a little further along in the video, you can see the alarm being raised.

This video is taken on my second character though. I restarted the game after I completed it the first round, and went on hardcore mode. In my previous game, I had the full complement of stealth gear – camo suit, MP5 with silencer, Dart sniper rifle (silenced) and a silenced pistol. Yet, when I go into a small town on a mission, and take a guy out, the alarm will always be raised.

Yes I even tried to take out a guy tucked away in a corner, usually a sniper up on a roof. Within a few minutes of the guy dying, someone will “know” that I’m nearby and everyone goes on alert.

This is even more apparent when you take a side-quest from a radio-tower, and the target is located inside a cease-fire zone. You walk around confidently, trail the target to a secluded spot, and then you kill him with the machete. Definitely a silent take-down. Yet, alarm will be raised and as soon as you exit that secluded corner, everyone is firing at you.

Overall though, Far Cry 2 is a fun game. Too bad about the stealth.

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  • raupao

    What? That the Machete is not stealthy doesent mean the HOLE GAME is not stealthy!
    You dont have ONE stealthy weapon!

    If you want to kill a person and dont get noticed you have to shoot them with :
    Silent marakov (headshot) or The best option the Dart Rifle.

    The machete is not STEALTHY AT ALL

    Oh and who wouldnt hear a guy screaming in pain for a machete blow? Dont tell me you didnt listen him scream!

    He was like AAAGH! AGHHH!

    What do you expect, that his buddies say: ''Hey someone screamed, im sure its not one of us''
    I ONLY play this game in stealth, and i always kill everyone! And if i get seen i hide! NOT GET MY MACHINEGUN AND GET RAMBO!
    You Seriusly need a Stealth guide!

    • Tau

      The “crouch button don`t make you invisible.. :-/ Take your time, your game play is not stealth… it`s crough and run… The man you cut down with the machete was screaming for god sake… You can manage to cut cut him him down silently….If you care to plan and take your time…. Don`t blame the game for for your bad stealthing mate… Learn the arts before you go bashing…..

  • Steven

    The trick with not being spotted and the alarm being raised is Movement! use the dart rifle from far to medium range take the shot, No more than TWO enemies at a time then move away slowly if not spotted rinse and repeat. If spotted sprint away and sue th slide movement to duck behind a bush or rock. As long as you stay in longer grass or bushes with the camo suit you should be alright.

    When sprinting away listen to what they say, if it's something like we've lost him or where'd he go then you can sneak (SNEAK) back into another sniper spot.