Far Cry 2

You know, sometimes there are no good games released for a while, and you’re stuck playing the older games which you’ve got.

Then there are other times like these, where a few good titles are released within the span of a few days from each other. Far Cry 2, Dead Space, and Fallout 3 have all been released, and now I’m just scratching my head and wondering if I should get them all.

For starters, I got Far Cry 2. I remember playing some parts of Far Cry 1, but I didn’t finish it. At the time I remember that it was slightly confusing and I have no idea what I am doing, just running around and shooting stuff. There wasn’t any sense of me “accomplishing” anything.

Far Cry 2, upon first load up, was impressive. The game auto-detected my graphic settings as “LOW” (dammit!). Then again, the embedded graphics chip on my motherboard usually isn’t in the “supported graphics card” list anyway. So I went in manually and tweaked everything up to medium, except for shadows and post-processing. No noticeable hit on my framerates, as you can see from the video clip below:

However, I did notice that it starts to stutter and slow to a crawl (like in Assassin’s Creed) when there are lots of particle effects on screen – smoke, and fire. Unfortunately I can’t do much about those. I have already set post-processing down to low and it can’t go any lower than that.

Currently I’m still at the beginning stages of the game. I haven’t gone much further than just exploring the immediate surroundings and taking out the outpost during the “tutorial” part of the game. I have already entered the first “town” but didn’t stop in there – just zoomed past it to get to the weapon shop which, by the time I get there, is already closed. The weapons dealer has already gone for the day and the trade terminal in there did not list anything that I can purchase at this stage.

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  • You should really get yourself a decent graphic card like GF9600GT or a R4850. lol good games are coming out and you gonna miss them if you machine is not capable to run them in decent graphic level.

    • Heh yeah I know but for now, I'm more or less happy with what I have. I'll be thinking about utilizing the CrossFire function of the ATI drivers if/when I do get a new card, so I'll probably get something that can work with the embedded chip.