More Rainbow 6 Vegas 2

Eversince Assassin’s Creed, I have noticed that I start to observe how games perform on my PC more often than before. Worse, now I start to nitpick and say “this bit’s too laggy” or “I think I need to unload more stuff from memory”.

Whereas, before, I am just fine with 7 frames per sec, as long as I can still move 🙂

Anyway, here’s another short clip (about 6 mins I think) of a typical game session with Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 on my 5 year old rig.

Now, because I’m already getting pretty much low framerates with modern games, running FRAPS and doing video captures lowered the framerates even more, so what you see in the video is actually slightly more laggy than it normally is.

The one thing that I don’t like about the game lagging is this – when you’re aiming at someone, and he moves, and you try to move your crosshair to follow, and it lags right there, it totally sucks. On my PC, that happens fairly often. Sometimes I get killed due to this kind lag (affetionately known as “lagdeath” in multiplayer speak as well as in MMORPGs), and I have to reload from the previous “checkpoint”.

Also, I don’t really like the checkpoint-save system. Sometimes, some parts of the game is just so tough, it takes you 20 mins or more just to fight through it, then you round a corner and die before you reach the next checkpoint to save.

Which sucks totally.

Trust me.

Yeah I know I could easily download those “trainers” from the Internet, but why? Why play a game if it no longer poses any sort of challenge?

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