Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 AI Dumbed Down?

After playing this the past couple of days, somehow I feel that it seemed much easier than the original Rainbow 6 Las Vegas. No seriously. Let me tell you why.

In most FPSes, I pretty much can’t compare to guys that play multiplayer. Meaning, I need to take a second or two, to aim my crosshair on the bad guy before firing, but these guys can just “instinctively” look in my direction and I’m dead.

So anyway, as I progressed through the missions, I found the AI doing some really dumb things. Like this mission where I was supposed to rescue some hostages, the bad guys were kinda swarming all over the carpark and bullets flying everywhere.

I hid behind a pillar.

Then a bad guy came running past me, saw me, turned around, and stood there. No he didn’t fire at me. He just….. looked. I was startled for a split second, but I instinctively fired off a burst at him, and he collapsed. Thinking it was a glitch, I carried on.

Soon after, I was crouched behind a car. Another bad guy came running past my crouched position, and turned to look at me. Again! He didn’t fire. Just looked.

Now, in other games like COD4 for example, in both situations I’d already be dead and reloading a previous save.

Another trick I found so far, is to ALWAYS send my men in before me. Especially if I think I’m gonna die if I go in first 🙂 Really, the AI seemed to miss when it comes to shooting at my men, but doesn’t miss that much when they are shooting me. I figure, I still can do a “heal” on a fallen team mate but they can’t heal me the moment I go down (which is downright unfair!).

So, I use them as cannon fodder 🙂

In any case, I’m much happier with the performance of R6V2 on my 5 year old PC compared to Assassin’s Creed. Pretty smooth gameplay most times, very rarely get “stuck” due to sudden particle effects (from guns firing, explosions). I’m pretty amazed that the resolution is set to my max and most effects on “medium”, yet I get framerates of 20 to 25 on average. Yeah I’m pretty happy with that figure, considering the age of my rig.

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