GRAW Mission 2 – Secure the VIP

Ok I admit it, I’m really slow on the GRAW thing lately. I’m now just past mission 2 in GRAW, and this time around it seemed a tad easier than I remembered it the first time I played it back around 2006 or so.

The 2 problematic area in this mission seemed so much easier this time. For me, the areas were the Plaza (open space, get picked off very easily by the guy manning the machine gun nest) and the carpark (damn tank!).

This time around I have videos of how I did it. I know I know, I am not some some FPS genius or expert, but at least I survived the mission relatively intact.

As I said, I know I suck, but I get the job done…. eventually. This mission took me 2 days to play, ie over 2 nights of about an hour or so each night. Yeah, lately I don’t seem to be able to play a game for too long. Sigh.

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