Ghost Recon – Observer Mode Fun

Remember I brought up that Ghost Recon has an Observer Mode, and that you could conceivably play the whole game in this mode, like an RTS game?

Well I went ahead and did that for the first mission again. Well, at least up to the point of capturing the camp in the wilderness. I recorded a portion of the mission, and here you will see about 1 min 30 secs of the action. I started recording just before launching the attack on the camp.

Yeah, towards the end, the final few seconds, I actually regained control of Bravo team I think, and had to shoot the enemy myself since the AI seemed a little retarded to return fire on its own.

Playing Ghost Recon made me itchy and want to install GRAW again (yes the original GRAW). I don’t really like GRAW2 though. The game’s too short. Also, the AI in GRAW, in my opinion, is much better than in GRAW2 as mentioned here.

Incidentally, it seems that DivX 5.2 really suck compared to XviD 1.13. I encoded the raw video capture using 2000 bitrate, and the results look sucky on DivX. I don’t want to use DivX 6.8 because the codec seemed buggy – I can’t seem to resize videos with it. On XviD and DivX 5.2, I can. So, it’s not a problem with VirtualDub which I use to encode the raw captures. It is actually a problem with DivX 6.8 itself! If DivX 5.2 can’t handle my in-game captures I may as well just remove DivX altogether, since XviD can playback DivX files anyway.

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