Call Of Duty 4 – Mission 1 Video

Being sick sucks. It totally screws up my internal body clock for example. I’ve been sleeping the whole day, and now, right in the middle of the night, I wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

So I take my meds, and wait for them to kick in and make me go to sleep again. In the meantime, I fired up COD4 and thought I’d record mission 1. Note that I used FRAPS and it DOES impact framerates. Without FRAPS running, it’s smoother. Even so, as I say time and again, it’s pretty amazing how smooth it is on a single-core, 4 year old PC.

Mission 1, part 1

Mission 1, part 2

Again, I have to break the video up into 2 parts to get around Youtube’s 10 minute limit. By the way, anyone knows of an alternative website where videos do not have a 10 minute limit?

You’d also notice that in the video, I fired on friendlies twice (“friendly fire” is an oxymoron). My excuse is I’m sick and it’s war! 🙂 Sick people shouldn’t be fighting in battles! That’s why we have Attend-C in SAF hah!

Hope you guys enjoy the videos. I’m off to bed…

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